Your reservation guarantee

Your credit card is needed because it will guarantee your booking.

Special Requests

Please write your requests in English or in the language of the hotel
Mal (fax) message for -transaction

Card and cardholder information
1. Card number
2. Card type
Eurocard/MasterCard (Mass, Standart, Business, Gold, Platinum), Maestro, MasterCard Electronic
3. Bank-emitent name
4. Card expire Date /
5. Cardholder name
6. Passport number
7. CVV2 / CVC2 * * - three-digit code (last three digits) that are taped on the back side of the card on signature tape
8. Transaction amount (UAH)
9. Transaction date
10. Email address
11. Confirm email address
You'll receive a confirmation email
12. Authorization code
(blanks by merchant)

Message date __________________________________________

Cardholder signature __________________________________________

You need to print out the completed form, sign the form, put the date,
scan the signed form, passport, bank card with two sides,
and paste files from documents in the box, or send all these documents to e-mail:
Scan the completed questionnaire
Scan Cards
Scan Card (back)
Scan passports 1 page